GOOD GAME! is dedicated to transforming sport competition approach for the better by bringing science and evidence to guarantee competition results and a fairer sport.




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GOOD GAME! develops innovative methods and software to identify behavioural and biomechanical deficiencies related to match-fixing and refereering and supports sport stakeholders by securing competitions results.

For Leagues & Associations, Justice & Police, Fans, Medias & Sponsors.

  • We provide analysis and targeted alerts through our platform with a unique detection rate > 99% 99%

with 3 IA systems for a unique sport’s database

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L’Equipe – September 19, 2023

AI to counter match-fixing: The use of AI in performance analysis is now part of the legal kit in match-fixing investigations.

Free ligue 1, Aug 12, 2023

New wrinkle 23/24: From now on, an AI will inspect all the refereeing decisions of our Live Free match and will note the referee. It will also give...

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