about us



The analysis we provide to our partners are based on science only. We have developed methods and software based on biomechanics and IA that can identify indisputably whether a deficiency is natural or voluntary. Our statements are supported by data performance.

Our R&D department is committed to working on the development of new methods and new software to improve ethics in sport.


Good Game! first reason for being is to fight for justice in sport. All our reports answer the highest requirements of justice services and could be used in front of a court if need be.

We have been fighting against match-fixing and manipulation in sport over the last 15 years. We collaborate with police and investigation services around the world to support justice in many countries.


100% focus on Ethics

We are aware of our role in the sport field and integrity is part of everything we do

Ethics is guaranteed by high scientific performance and standards

Our goal is to foster global collaboration to guarantee the ethics and integrity of every single sport competition

our story

“Good game”, an expression that literally means “well played”, is used at the end of a game to show fair play or satisfaction.

This is what we aim for at GOOD GAME!: a fairer sport and stakeholders satisfaction.

How it all began?

Back in 2012, Pierre Sallet was approached by justice services to act as expert in a case with match-fixing suspicion.

If Pierre was able to make the difference between voluntary or natural deficiencies thanks to his knowledge of the sport field and players. The judge requested a scientific analysis of the game where deficiencies would be justified by data performance.

It was a huge challenge to take up. This was all it took for Pierre to roll up his sleeves and get right to work on the project.

Between 2012 and 2019, Pierre managed to surround himself with professionals bringing various competencies to create the right team. Together, they developed and implemented the method and software, based on biomechanics and IA, that would answer the justice requirements of undeniable evidence, with a detection rate > 99%.

During this timeframe, Pierre kept on collaborating closely with justice services as sworn expert for numerous match-fixing cases.

In 2019, GOOD GAME! was created and since then, key stakeholders of the sport field such as leagues and federations, betting companies and clubs have used one or all our products and services.